‘Concrete multinational’ Simem grows in scope and expands in all directions

Concrete specialist Simem’s most recent launch is the Bison mobile batching plant. Designed with road construction in mind, the Bison range benefits from a sophisticated weighing mechanism, created over a three-year research and development programme with input from the Politecnico di Milano’s mechatronic department.

“Despite the fact that it is very mobile and batches continuously, we have been able to achieve a very high level of accuracy with the weighing system which means that it produces consistent concrete mixes and performance,” says Simem CEO Federico Furlani. Bison can be used to produce concrete of any class, asphalt mixes or even stabilised soil.

The Bison does not require foundations or a crane, elevating itself via four hydraulic legs. This means it can be set up within a couple of hours, says Furlani. Compact in design, so it can be transported on roads without any special permissions, the Bison comes in two models: Bison 250, which can produce between 100 and 250tonnes of material per hour and Bison 500 which can produce between 200 and 500tonnes per hour.

Simem has been expanding on several fronts, adding to its products and ranges, increasing its geographical spread and growing the scope of its offering through the purchase of two new companies back in 2016. Simem Spil, based in Treviso, Italy, is a specialist in precast concrete equipment while Simem Underground, based in Vancouver in Canada, provides all forms of concrete equipment for underground construction. “We are a mini multinational now,” says Furlani.

Simem exports to over 120 countries with factories in Verona, Italy and in Vadodara, India, which it has recently expanded to serve the African and Middle East markets. It also has sales and services centres in Germany and the US.

Source: World Highways