BBMIX – Integrated Solution

Simem integrated solution for tunneling BBMIX

. The Mixing & Processing Solution

BBMIX is a new solution for TBM excavated contaminated materials

Combining the know how of the different SIMEM Expertise – the Simem batching plant and SimemSpil automated solutions-  the BBMix solution has been developed to process contaminated soils and materials.

Main advantages of this solution are: increasing safety , avoid pollution in the environment, reducing man power and man exposure to pollution, fully automated process to keep treaceability for ever.



. Overview - Integrated Solution

The BBMix solution is configured to take care of the following phases:

  • receive materials excavated and disposed into a large tank, through a bridge-crane;
  • mix contaminated materials with the intensive blending action of the BISON 250 plant;
  • Automatic filling the processed materials into big bags within an automatic carousel system
Simem MDC twin shaft mixer

. Continuous mixing - MDC

  • Adjustable Mixing Retention Time
  • MDC Twin shaft continuous mixer
  • Electric Drives
  • Bolted Mixing Paddles
  • Bolted Mixing Arms
  • Adjustable Mixing Arm Configuration
  • Practical Wear Liner Replacement

. Automation - Simem@tic flow

Simem@tic Flow is an easy to use automation with unbeatable accuracy and flexibility for uninterrupted operation.

  • Familiar Windows operating environment with SQL database
  • Flexible reporting and backup functionality
  • Real time flow correction for each material
  • PC/PLC based
Simem bison super mobile batching plant automation